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About Us in the Past

    My parents and I actually began being in "the horse business" in December 1990 (22 years being a horse owner!!!) with one special AQHA mare that my parents had bought me for Christmas. We started out in Houston, Texas, paying to board horses but after number 4 in '93, we moved to Richton, Mississippi to have room and built the place we now call "Few Acres Paints".

     I have continued the horsey thing from trail riding, to barrel racing, even trained a few. I just love Natural Horsemanship! Then it had grew into a small breeding operation rasing and training quality APHA babies. The paint thing started back when my dad had bought me a 6 month old sorrel tobiano grade paint filly, Dolly Madison, back in December of 2000 and I have been hooked on paints ever since. Took a few years to get it off the ground but was so worth it. My opinnion is there isn't nothing more prettier than to watch the paints of different colors and patterns grazing in the pasture.

     Offically got into the breeding business in 2003. Horse traded for my first stud, Docs Elmigo Flash in March of 2003. Shortly there after my dad bought Hanks Paw AKA Baby and was bred right away. Just a few years in the business I sold Doc since I was starting my own family. Was planning on continuing with breeding outside mares with a home grown stud from Doc but with the economy as it is, horse prices bottoming out, and the market being flooded I saw no reason in continuing. There are too many sad horses wanting homes and starving everywhere. So sadly sold my oldest home grown stud, Doc Covered N Paint, in Nov. of 2010. Yeah I regret it... should have kept him and rode him.

About Us Now

          Now down to 4 horses and my son's little pony. Finally had my little gelding, Sonnys Bold Dakota aka Koda, started under saddle this past summer. Been putting some "serious" wet blankets on him. The plan is to get him where I can do some simple trail riding and to continue his training. I'm seriously thinking about enrolling Koda in the APHA Ride America program cause we sure have been clocking some time in the saddle lately. Here is more information about that at: RIDE AMERICA. Maybe one day get the nerve up again and head to the arena with him. Who knows.. so watch out!


          I have also been spending some more time with my little rescue filly, Sugar. At first I thought this lil high sprung filly was a little more than what I could handle but the more she is messed with the more willing & loving she gets. She is currently lounging & saddling up like a pro. Won't be long I may even get the nerve to start her myself!  


NOTE: As of Jan 2012 we changed the name of the farm since we are no longer just APHA & Paint horses. Seemed silly to continue calling it Few Acres Paints when we out numbered in different breds. Also it's a point of turning over a new leaf for our farm.

About Us in the Future

      Not sure which direction I am headed into into the future with the horses but I know I will ALWAYS have horses. They are in my blood! Once a horsey girl.. always a horsey girl.

          I have really been enjoying my son coming out riding & feeding the horses with me. His pony is soo awesome with him. It amazes me because when I go to catch him for Corbey to ride I can't but Corbey can walk out there and he comes running. Too cute! Corbey's newest trick on his pony is when he is finished riding he grabs a handful of mane and slids off. <So proud of my lil cowboy in the makin>. I never thought I would luck up with such a great friend for my son.


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