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Interesting Info.

HORSE RESOURSE FOR MISSISSIPPI- Find anything you need for your horse, pony, or mule on this website. Events, trainers, u name it. www.ms-equine.com


DID YOU KNOW? That you could register your youngsters if they have one registered parent? Either AQHA or APHA? You can with The Half Quarter Horse Registry. Here is the website: www.halfquarterhorseregistry.com


NEED YOUR HORSE TESTED? For homozygous, lethal white, HYPP, and a few more? and it doesn't cost a fortune? I found one. Here is the website: www.horsetesting.com


LEARN MORE... About grey, roan, perlino, spotting patterns (Tobiano, Overo, Tovero, Sabino), colors, Lethal White Syndrome  genetics and the History of the Paint Breed. Here is that website: http://www.apha.com/breed/geneticsarticles


MARE CARE. FOAL CARE. Keep records. Download helpful tools. Free healthcare e-mail reminders! Very useful. Check it out. Here is the website: www.FoalCare.com



Horsey Websites

WANT TO BUY, SALE, OR TRADE YOUR HORSES?...    Here is a good webite: "dreamhorse.com"

Here is several more: "EquineNow.com" , "Equine.com" , "HorseClicks.com" , "HorseTopica.com"


WANT TO BUY, SALE, OR TRADE YOUR TACK, SERVICES, FARM EQUIPMENT?...                        Here is a good website: "TackTrader.com" 


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