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Hanks Paw


'97 APHA Black Tobiano Mare

     Baby is a wonderful mother and riding horse. She passes on her easy going attitude onto her babies. Look at her babies by clicking the link below.


Click to see: "Hanks Paw's Bloodline, More Pics, & Babies"

Sonnys Bold Dakota

'06 APHA Sorrel Overo Gelding


            I really like how this little horse is coming along. Super gentle personality and willing to learn even when he was a stallion. He is nice enough for what ever area that anyone might want to go into. Either showing- halter or speed events. So look out there is no stopping this little horse. Keeping him for our son for a step up from his pony oneday.


Click to see: "Sonnys Bold Dakota's Bloodline, & More Pics".

Click to see his sire: "Speak of Sonny Dee".


1999 Sorrel Shetland Pony Gelding

          Houdini is Corbey's pony. Spirit is the name that came with him when we got him but he has renamed himself! So far he has been very good with Corbey and not like most shetland ponys other than trying to keep him in the pasture lol, (which renamed him) but thats a pony for you.

Rio San Soufia


Soufia is my mom's horse. She has been with us since 1993. That's 19 years! WOW.. We brought her with us from Houston, Texas. Hmmm what can I say about Soufy? She was a rescue that we were told by the vet that she wouldn't make it the ride home if we bought her... and she beat the odds.We have sent her to 2 different trainers and that always brought her back before the time she was to be done with her training. HMMM... Seems to me she was smarter than the trainers... Don't it to you? Said she would do good one day. Think she had it down and the next day start over again. But NE WAYS... Soufy had a baby in 2006 but Stormy died after 5 long days. She beat the odds on that too!

UPDATE: Even at 23 years old she still has pep-in-her-step. I sometimes wonder if she is going to outlive my younger horses. In the last year she has slowed down some and it worries me but she is still looking good for a filly that beat the odds of survival of coming back from being starved all them years ago.


Sugar Baby

2000 TB Grade Black Bay Filly


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